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Saturday, October 31, 2009

12:30pm - 4:00pm

CSU Northridge

Northridge, CA

FANHS 101:

Instilling the Richness, Value and Legacy of Filipino American History and Culture

Save the date! Celebrate the close of Filipino American History Month with the FANHS LA Chapter! Details to be announced later, but expect to learn about Fil-Am History 101, how to conduct oral histories, planning a research paper/panel for our upcoming Seattle conference in 2010 and much more!

For more information, please email lafanhs@fanhsla.org.


FANHS-13th Biennial National Conference
Young Filipino Peoples First Far West Convention Revisted - Examining Our Past to Inspire Our Future

July 22 - July 24, 2010

Seattle University

Broadway and Madison

Seattle, WA 98122

Join Filipino American scholars, historians, authors, film makers, educators, archivists, community researchers, student activists, and just plain folks eager to share their research, resources, expertise and personal experiences.

Meet authors and poets: Estrella Alamar, Evangeline Buell, Concordia Borja-Mamaril, Fred Cordova, Joan May Cordova, Abe Ignacio, Herb Jamero, Peter Jamero, Emily Lawsin, Dawn Mabalon, Mel Orpilla, Oscar Penaranda, Barbara Posades, playwright Timoteo Cordova, filmmakers Stephanie Castillo, Linda Revilla, Domingo Los Banos and Nole Izon, and many others.

Seehistorical materials and exhibits produced by several FANHS chapters.

Take the tour of Filipino American historic sites in the Seattle area - including Carlos Bulosan's grave site.

Learn how to document oral history and family genealogy and different ways to collect, preserve and use old photographs, newspapers and other historic ephemera, develop an archive, do journal writing, plan a photo exhibit, and write proposals.

Enjoy the artistry of Filipino American plays, musicians and other performers.

View selected films by Filipino American filmmakers or about the Filipino American experience.

Visit the National Pinoy Archives.

Call for Papers, Panels & Presentations
(Deadline: March 15, 2010)

We invite proposals for individual papers, panels, roundtables, and/or workshops to be presented at the conference along the following themes:

  • Fourth Wave of Immigration (1965 - 2010)
  • Changing Filipino American Demographics
  • Discrimination, Civil Rights and the Asian American and Filipino American Movements
  • Martial Law and Filipino American Activism
  • Today - What is a Filipino American?
  • Different Phases of Labor Migration to the United States (1906 - 2010)
  • Third Wave of Immigration (1945 - 1965): War Brides / Bataan-Corregidor Survivors / Exchange Workers and Students / Philippine Consulates
  • Filipinos in the U.S. Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Merchant Marines
  • Teaching Filipino American History
  • Present-day Regional History
  • "Bridge Generation"
  • World War Two and Its Ramifications on Filipino Communities
  • Women
  • Interracial Families
  • Surviving the Great Depression
  • Unions, Strikes and Economic Survival
  • Early Labor Force (Agriculture, Alaska Canneries, Gold Mines, Domestics, Restaurants, etc.)
  • The Importance of Lodges, Organizations, Churches and the "Extended Family"
  • Religion, Politics, Business, Education
  • The World of Entertainment and Sports
  • Retention of Culture (Music, Arts, Dance, Queen Contests, Fiestas, and Self Defense)
  • Genealogy and Family Trees
  • "How To" Workshops

For more information on the conference,
please visit: FANHS-National.


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Checkout the Photos from the 2002 FANHS Conference held in Los Angeles, be warned there is a lot to see, we have over 150 on the site.

We've separated the general conference shots with the photos from the banquet. Enjoy!!!

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